Criteria In Nursing Practice

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Standard is an established measure that is used as comparison for quantitative or qualitative value, norm or criterion. A standard can be defined as a practise that enjoys overall recognition and conformity among professionals or an authoritative statement by which the quality of education, practice or service can be judged. It is a performance model which integrates criteria with norms and is used to judge the quality of nursing objectives, orders and methods
A standard is used to determine what something should be. In nursing practice, standard can be referred to as a set of established criteria used for nursing practise.
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It is based on information from the nursing health history and physical assessment. Goals are mutually set with the client and family, and the nursing care plan is evaluated and modified according to the client’s needs.
Testing the criteria: criteria must be valid and reliable. A valid criterion measures what it is intended to. A reliable criterion produces consistent results when used by the same person over time or by a different person.
Several established tools are available for measuring the quality of care. Some are process tools, some are outcome tools, and others are process-outcome tools. Each tool consists of outcome and criteria. Developing effective quality care evaluation tool is a challenge for the nursing profession. Much work is continuing even on established tools. Methods of using these tools also vary. Some evaluate by retrospective audits of nursing records audit committees. Others evaluate using a concurrent audit of process. i.e,. direct observation of the nurse or nurses providing the nursing care by educated observers of by peers. Data may also be obtained by questioning and observing clients, questioning the family, and observing the client’s environment and the general environment. The time period for measurement also varies. Some tools are designed for use over a 2 – hour period; some are designed to evaluate the whole process of care given to the client from admission to
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Client satisfaction was based on how closely the care the client received (actual) approached the care the client would have liked to receive (ideal). A patient satisfaction instrument (PSI) measured three nursing care variables: trust, patient education, and professional technical aspects. The subjects included 24 women and 26 men with a mean age of 60.36 years. Some nursing care behaviour associated with clients satisfaction included being friendly, spending time talking to the client, following through with directions, explaining the diagnoses and showing the clients how to carry out physicians’ orders. The subjects were least satisfied with the amount and type of information the nurse gave

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