Critical Access Hospitals: Case Summary And Analysis

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AB-2024 Critical access hospitals: employment
Summary/Analysis: This amended bill, AB-2024 Cortical access hospitals: employment, would call for a federally certified CAH (Critical Access Hospital) to employ licensees and charge for professional services rendered by those licensees until 2024. In that period of time, the Medical Board of California (MBC) will provide a report to the California Legislature on the impact of authorizing CAHs (Critical Access Hospital) to employ physicians and the CAH (Critical Access Hospital) shall not interfere with, control, or otherwise direct the professional judgment of a physician and surgeon.
The current unamend law uses previous legislation including the CAH (Critical Access Hospital) program that was created by Congress in 1997 in response to numerous rural hospitals closing across the nation in the 1980s and
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The existing law also has the ability, to give the board powers to put him or her on probation depending on the conditions. Therefore, information obtained from the MBC, in fiscal year 2015-2016, received 8,679 complaints against physicians and surgeons and unlicensed individuals alleged to be practicing medicine without a license. These complaints include allegations including excessive prescribing, gross negligence/incompetence, licensee self-abuse of drugs or alcohol, convictions of a crime and general unprofessional
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