Pros And Cons Of Classical Music

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Classical Music Is More than Just Classic "Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents," (Beethoven, n.d.). Music has incline a part of a soul that lives through the day. The core of music is its competency that can create an atmosphere that affects a person’s mood. Each genre of music that repose in the present is adequate to cover any kind of situation that a person is currently occupying; likewise, music can be considered as a critical tool that is able to connect intimately with people. Above all, classical music is the genre of music with the utmost superiority in regard to the beginning of classical music era that started in the early 500 AD. From the founder of Gregorian chant (using only voice in the music), Pope Gregory I, to the famous classical music prodigies such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Frederic Chopin; moreover, the ingenious Franz Liszt who created the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, S.244/2. Furthermore, classical music have refined its genre to such a finest extent that most countries are now acknowledging its magnificent component. Research have also been initiated to find whether classical music truly has remarkable benefits. One of the acclaimed study which had been brought to pass by Frances H. Rauscher and his team, Gordon L. Shaw & Catherine N. Ky, whom established the term “Mozart…show more content…
It differs to the term popular music that is only presenting when the interest is occurring. Classical music have developed mass of different composition. Specific details that has been predetermined in the process allowing the classical pieces to do far more than support and enrich its expressiveness. Classical music in Indonesia can be found in fancy restaurants, lifts, or supermarkets. Wistfully, since along the history of classical music which started and only associated in the elite class
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