Critical Analysis: Getting More, By Stuart Diamond

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“GETTING MORE” by Stuart Diamond
Deliya Kim
When you think about an ideal negotiating, what are the core values necessary to be present? Are the core values always different or same? The negotiation principles are very well explained by Stuart Diamond, a professor of the Wharton Business School and a Pulitzer Prize winner, in his bestselling book “Getting More”. The author makes you to understand that for whoever do the negotiation the core values are exactly the same, whether it is a world piece, billion dollar deal, or getting your kids to do their homework. In order to “get more”, it is worth to practice such principles.
The first thing that is emphasized is that it is all about “them”, your counterparts, not about us. When
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We do it every day in some form or fashion, we negotiate with parents, in university, at work place, at home with our spouse or kids, maybe when we are travelling or trying to get a bargain somewhere. To be best in argument is what everyone perhaps trying to be, but many of us don’t have the skills to negotiate, and many times telling people what we really want might be challenging. One man, who has a great experience in teaching top leaders on how to negotiate, and may brilliantly teach you through his book “Getting more”, is Stuart Diamond.
Firstly, let’s talk about the strengths of the “Getting more”. At first sight, the amount of pages in the book can be frightening, but Stuart Diamond has a fun and easy style to read. The book is written in the first person narrative, thus there is a sense of conversation between the reader and the author. Even if you are not from the business or management field, you would have an enjoyable time reading the
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The author states that the negotiation is all about trading, whether it is with spouse, a business partner, or somebody across the globe. It is emphasized that one needs to make sure that he/ she meets the needs of an opposing person. However, that’s quite different from the kind of business phrase “win-win” situation. It makes you to question the existence of a “win-win”. If applying a negotiation technique described in “Getting More”, there is no “win-win” in the business world. One might want to lose today, to get more tomorrow. So perhaps it is good to think about the whole time track.
With this in mind, we are reminded that a world is an irrational place, not a rational place, whether it is a World piece or when a kid wants an ice-cream cone. People get emotional, and they get distracted by their emotions. Therefore, in order to get somebody to listen, we need to give them an empathy or an emotional payment. And no one cares about “win-win”, they care about us making them feel better. Here, vialing is the first and must thing we have to

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