Critical Analysis Of 12 Angry Men

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Critical Appraisal In my opinion, 12 Angry Men is an awesome movie which keeps the audience captured in its essence. The entire cast has done an amazing work which is in fact the reason for the tremendous success of this movie. But still there are some loopholes in the movie:  The first thing which I would like to criticize is that the entire story revolves in a single room. From the total duration of 96 minutes only 3 minutes were used to picturise the court room in the beginning and two or three minutes were dedicated to a washroom conversation. Apart from that, the entire story remains confined to a private room where the jury undertakes its deliberations. If we talk about the people associated with law and management then that one room story can appear as captivating and engrossing but if we talk about the general public then it might be quite boring. So, if different scenes could be used in the movie then the movie might have gone to another level.  Secondly, the movie reveals that the third juror i.e. Lee J. Cobb wanted to give a guilty verdict to the accused just because of his personal bias. But as we know, law works on a fair and impartial system allowing no prejudices. A jury doesn’t allow a person with a biased mind to participate in giving a verdict whereas in the movie it did.  Thirdly, there was a lack of medical and forensic support in the story. If the juror 5 would not have been there to state the impossibility of a shorter man stabbing a taller man in
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