Critical Analysis Of A Chocolate House

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It is also the exposes of social behaviors of society of London aristocratic in particular. The scenes were taken place in three places. It was in a chocolate house, in St. James 's Park, and in the home of one of the main character Lady Wishfort. And it represents the picture of the aristocratic English society. The chocolate house was used for socialization and entertainment during the Restoration period. The second was in St James’s park in London where the upper class people walk for dinner. (Albert 1979) It is a public place where fashionable people use to go to exchange their heart and to be free. The park suggests something as freedom in Restoration period. The play also portrayed the lifestyle of the idle rich of London city very realistically. The characters were almost always from the upper class society of London. Lady Wishfort wakes late in the day and cannot dress without the help of her servant Foible. According to Congreve (1700, p.55), Peg another servant says that:” Lord, madam, and your ladyship is so impatient.--I cannot come at the paint, madam: Mrs. Foible has locked it up, and carried the key with her”. The plays were mildly satirical-the playwright could not afford to hurt his upper class audience. Congreve remarks in his 'prologue ' with tongue in cheek irony: He’ll not instruct, lest it should give offence. Should he by chance a knave or fool expose, that hurts none here, sure here are none of those. The way of the World, as a social mirror
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