Critical Analysis Of Abhijnanasakuntalam

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Abhijnanasakuntalam is a beautiful tale of love and romance, the name literally meaning 'Of Sakuntala who is recognized by a token '. Written by one of the greatest poets of India, Sakuntalam is synonymous with its author, Kalidasa. Abhijnanasakuntalam is the first Indian play ever to be translated into western languages. It is for the very first time translated in English language by Sir William Jones in the year 1789. Later to this, there were at least 46 translations of this play by Kalidasa in 12 different European languages. Since time immemorial, poets, dramatists and writers have sung praises of wild expanse, forests, rivers, mountains, birds, and the whole of majestic Nature. Pristine environment has been one of the major sources…show more content…
Even her boy grows up to be brave always playing in forests and jungles. He plays with the lion saying:-
“Come little lion, come, open wide your jaws; I wish to count your teeth.”

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They would have understood each other perfectly; for in each the same kind of imagination worked with the same wealth of observed fact.” Indeed, Kalidasa was “the only poet in Sanskrit who conceived of nature, though symbolically, as the central concern of most of his works, poetic as well as dramatic… the cloud becomes the ‘hero’ of his poem Meghaduta…”Of the perfection of nature in the Shakuntala, Ingalls writes that “human love in Kanva’s retreat is expressed entirely in animal and vegetable images… as opposed to the court, there is no luxury in the asrama, no polygamy, no

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