Critical Analysis Of 'All I Got's Gone'

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As a good song, it is important to take a broad view of songs. The songs consist of the lyrics and the tune, but also of all the contexts in which a song is created, experienced, produced, and consumed. After listening the song All I Got 's Gone, the singer used the form of a song to interpret the social situation in the United States at that time, and preserved it for us to appreciate. The song was surrounding the life of citizens during the great depression, which was written in united state in 1934. According to the name of the song, the name is clearly enough to show his mood after all of things the writer got has gone. This essay is talking about the challenge and struggling of the great depression shows in All I Got 's Gone, which has wreaked havoc of the capitalist countries.…show more content…
The relationship of acute crisis in agriculture and the industrial crisis has made the economic depression worse, famers were angry with their government. The banks looked shaky and depositors wanted their money, making them shakier still, and in time many were forced to close. Factories and businesses got rid of large numbers of employees or closed down altogether, and soon there was no money to buy the farmer’s products or anything else and this causes people is inability to buy Agricultural products. “Farmers struggled with low prices all through the 1920s." Desperate bankers called in their loans, but farmers had no money to pay them and foreclosures and bankruptcy sales became daily events. Most of families were facing lots of great challenge of their lives, jobs and money problems. At that time, everyone was in desperate need of money. There are a lot of agricultural products that can 't be sold out and can only be reduced to suitable with the environment and the needs of the self, so the excessive agricultural production and agricultural prices fell. Farmers’ incomes fell, the farmers went bankrupt. “750,000 farms were lost between 1930 and 1935 through bankruptcy and

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