Critical Analysis Of All Quiet On The Western Front

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Critical Analysis

All Quiet on the Western Front is a story of a german soldier named Paul Baumer who fights on the western front. Paul volunteered for the German Army along with his friends after school due to their patriotic teacher (Kantorek). Soon after their training, and the Brutality, they realize what it was like to fight for their country. The constant struggle of life in the trenches is a lot to handle for Paul, and his friends. The story takes place during WWI, and takes place along the western front.

Paul, and his company has received a short break after only two weeks of being in the war. Only a little over half of the soldiers who were sent to the front returned from the front.The cook ended up giving the survivors the rations that were for the dead, and doing so gave the survivors a huge meal. Paul, and his friends went to go check on their friend who had his leg amputated due to Gangrene, his name was Kemmerich. Kemmerich gives his boots to paul because he wants Mueller to have them, Kemmerich will no longer need them, and he won't be able to use them because he’s dying, and has a leg amputated.
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Kat disagrees with the fact the officers, and the soldiers are paid differently, and claims the war would end if they were. Kropp says that there shouldn't be wars, and that the nation's leaders should fight with clubs. During a night, the men go on a tough mission to go lay Barbed wire on the front, and they are being surrounded by artillery blast so they go hide in a graveyard but, the shelling is killing soldiers, and bringing dead soldiers out of the ground. Due to incidents like this, Paul had finally realized that he has to trust his instincts, and to find his inner
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