Anna Wiezbicka Language Analysis

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In this article, Anna Wiezbicka shows her interests for the influences of languages, for the way that people from different countries have some specifics forms to adressing and these specifics form transmits some special feeling. Like the author say ″The theme of this special issue/ multilingualism and emotions /″. With personal example, she talk about the relationship between language, culture and self. Every nation has its own way for expressing and there are few examples witch can make this point right. Anna said a pertinent example for this issue: he said that Polish has no word for ″grief″ and the same, in english exists no words to explain something that in Polish its so important.I am right with this point and I think that the words, in general, have a strong emotioal impact on us It depend to the culture and religion to understand exactly a word and to feel the emotion for a expression like a native. The interpretation may be different from one country to another one. More then, in her article Anna point out cause a bilingual person can compare two culture, tradition and other much better than a person who don′t speak two or more language. I support this…show more content…
This ″emotion″ is born from the first time in a native soul for his language. I think cause it is hard to understand and live throught a new language. I don′t say that it is impossible, but to understand a language in the true sense of the world, we need a lot of time, hard-work and patience. ″Bilingualism and emotions″- for a person who lived in two different country and know two both languages it is too easy to undestand some expression and feel the ′emotion′ that a word
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