Suicide In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

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This written task connects to Part 4 of the course which looks at the critical study of literature. The specific work that was used for this written piece is by Arthur Miller and is entitled “Death of a Salesman” which is a play showing the life of a man who lives in an eluded American dream. I have decided to write a letter for this written task to show the perspective and opinion on a character’s life before committing suicide in the play “Death of a Salesman.” Within the play “Death of a Salesman,” a resonating theme is that being a likeable character is all that is necessary to make it in the workforce. To debunk this theme, this written task presents arguments that do not support this theme. To show my understanding of this work, I have…show more content…
Willy is contemplating his life and realises the only way to improve the wellbeing of his family is by committing suicide so that his family can claim his insurance money to set up a business. With no hesitation Willy starts to write.) I’ve had enough, today I’ve decided to cash in the chips for the wellbeing of everyone in this beautiful household, I thought I would be able to settle down now that Biff had met up with Bill Oliver. All I ever wanted to see was Biff grow up to be the man I panned him out to be, which is becoming a better salesman than me Biffo had it all, he was charming and well liked but I guess it was never meant to be. As I reminisce I realise that I am to blame for Biff’s fall, back in Boston Biffo witnessed what no being should ever witness, something that no loving husband should do to their wife, down in Boston I had a mistress of whom I would regularly visit whenever I needed some company. From there onwards Biff was never the same, Bernard told me how saddened Biff was that day. According to Bernard young Biff took a pair of his favorite sneakers that had University of Virginia engraved on them and decided to burn them. Biff’s discovery of my external affair lead him to the decision of not attending summer school which I totally understand
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