Mid Term Break Essay

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Childhood is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable times where we get the chance to do what we want. In the poem, ‘Mid-Term Break’ Heaney explores the theme of finality of death and grief in a range of ways throughout the poem. The poem is written from young Heaney point of view towards his infant brother’s death and how people reacted to this.

While the title is full of positivity, Heaney explores the negative side of his childhood memories, of the death of his own brother. The title ‘Mid-Term Break’ suggests a holiday and a time of enjoyment. However, in the reality the poem deals with an extreme of emotional times. Big Jim Evans euphemistically characterize the death as ‘hard blow’ suggesting that the death is powerful, cold, harsh and
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Heaney comes to terms with the loss and accepts the corpse as his brother. The words ‘Snowdrops’ suggest white flowers and white flowers are most closely associated with purity and innocence. Moreover, this provides Heaney with more comfort and suggests the room is a place of peace. Taking this further, Heaney was able to literally sooth and was allow starting the grieving process. This is revealed when he talks about how he is ‘paler’ after the ‘six weeks’ since his brother had left. These symbolize the family of a new life and suggests that things happen when his brother are away. Moreover, there is a stark image left hanging at the end of the stanza, leaving the reader with curiosity. Perhaps, after a couple of weeks Heaney is finally recovered and is stronger so that is why Heaney seems to be more at peace.

Overall, the poem sounds extremely depressing and gloomy. However, leaves a great life lesson towards the readers that anything can happen and there is no guarantee in anything. We always have to be ready to face the problem and be strong because we never know when it will come. The poem is both intense and touching and affective in part because death is universal. Furthermore, the poem acknowledges that grief is difficult to
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