Movie Analysis: Brokeback Mountain

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How does the movie Brokeback Mountain distinguish the attitude towards the LGBTQ group of the people in American culture during the time between 1970s and 1990s? Brokeback Mountain is an exquisite romantic drama film that depicts the romantic relationship of two men. Ennis and Jack worked together herding the sheep on the Wyoming Mountain. After one night of heavy drink, they started a passionate sexual and emotional relationship ever since. However, when the summer was over, the two lovers’ different destinations ended their secret love. Ennis married his fiancée Alma, had their children; Jack, however, could not give their love up. The following summer, when he got back to the Wyoming Mountain, their recruiter refused to hire him again because…show more content…
' 'There they were, a couple of men, alone together in isolated frontier country, for weeks or sometimes months at a time, ' ' says Randy Jones, 53, who was the stetson-wearing, lasso-throwing gay cowboy in the Village People and who acted as an adviser on the film. ' 'The thought must have passed through their minds, even if they didn 't act on it, because men are sexy animals. If that wasn 't the case, there wouldn 't be so much homosexual sex in prison. ' 'There is growing evidence to support Jones 's theory. As far back as 1882, the Texas Livestock Journal wrote that ' 'if the inner history of friendship among the rough and perhaps untutored cowboys could be written, it would be quite as unselfish and romantic as that of Damon and Pythias ' '. In Greek mythology, Damon offered to be taken hostage by the despot Dionysius I so that his condemned friend, Pythias, could make a final visit home. When Pythias returned to be executed, Dionysius was so impressed by their trust that he spared both their lives. ' 'There have been gay cowboys for as long as there have been gay people, ' ' says Brian Helander, a 51-year-old nurse from Arizona and president of the International Gay Rodeo Association. ' 'It 's always been a part of the western frontier lifestyle that wasn 't talked about. It was just there. '
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