Critical Analysis Of Buonarotti

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Tokhang" Pieta A modern-day adaptation of Buonarotti 's piece de resistance would clearly possess the same qualities of this portrait. Obviously, there is a doleful mother who weeps with her entire being because her son, who probably was suspected of drug addiction, was brutally instigated and ruthlessly killed by armed men, who may or may not be enforcers of the law. Painfully, the female parent 's mouth is closed shut, emblematizing the reality of fear that exists amongst the families of the victims of this intensive wave of violence that presently hounds the nation. She is afraid that if she publicly condemns the unwarranted demise of her son, peril shall soon befall her dear life. Abortion and Pro-life One of the most troubling moments of the 70 's was the issuance of Roe v. Wade, which is the decision of the United States Supreme Court that legalized abortion in all fifty states. As with any development in this powerhouse, decriminalized abortion soon became the norm in most developed countries. Fortunately, the Philippines continues to see abortion as a horrific scourge, noting that such act is a criminal and those guilty are sentenced to a maximum of six years in prison. Sadly, there are numerous cases of abortions in the country performed "in the dark". What you can unravel in this piece is the reality of marginalized women who are forced to seek this illegal method and its alternatives, such as contraception (IUD 's, pills and the like) because of hardship or in

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