Critical Analysis Of Cat Person By Kaen Roupenian

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Relationships, a key aspect of the human experience. Whether romantic, familiar, or platonic, peoples across land and time can relate to the experiences of relating to other people. Familiar and platonic relationships have remained mostly static over time, but the idea of a romantic relationship is relatively new and has evolved over the course of present generations. Grandmothers, for instance, may reminisce to their grandchildren the days when their grandfather was wooing and courting her. Such a process in dating is obsolete today. With the evolution of technology and societal expectations in gender roles, dating has become a different game amongst the two youngest generations. In order to play the new dating game, one must understand its rules and how it operates once set in motion. Through critical analysis, one can grasp these new rules within a reading of Kristen Roupenian’s “Cat Person,” a vignette of a young woman’s experience in the operations of 21st century dating depicting major “red flags” such as entitlement, disregard, miscommunication, and misinterpretations of the relationship. In order to truly grasp the meaning of any reading, the reader must become an analyst. Several schools of literary criticism exist and may be chosen from to analyze a particular text, but the text itself may beg for a specific lens of analysis. Roupenian’s “Cat Person” is one of those texts, benefitting from analysis by the school of feminist literary criticism. One may

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