Critical Analysis Of Catch 22

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THE POST-WAR NOVEL AS CATCH-22: THE CHRONOLOGY AND EX-P.F.C WINTER GREEN Abstract At the moment, ‘postmodern’ understood as distinguishing from the modem. It had been used first in 1917, the German philosopher Rudolf Pannwitz defined the ‘nihilism’ of 20th century 's western subculture a subject matter he referred from Friedrich Nietzsche and resurfaced in the work of the Spanish literary critic Federico de Onis in 1934 to consult the backlash against literary modernism’. And also this paper indicates an exploration of Catch-22 (1961), this early document of American postmodern literature, particularly attempts to present the critical discussion surrounding this novel as connatural to the broader theoretical discussions surrounding the concept of postmodernism. My contention is that of this dialogue, due in part to the natural chronology and linear inclinations of literary criticism, and despite the professed outspokenness of postmodern ideas to an enigma, diligent efforts have to be made periodically reassert collapsed opportunities in literature. With this in mind, I desire Catch-22 in an effort of; first, demonstrate how critics have diminished the potential meaning of Catch-22 in imposing their own notions of a literary‐historical orientation. Second, how readings of peripheral characters of this novel can reveal an untapped potential
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