Critical Analysis Of Classroom Observation

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C. Analysis
In this chapter, I will make critical analysis on the results of the classroom observation with my opinion.
1. Teacher’s Classroom Management
a. Managing students to pay attention to the lesson
According to Warfield (2016) mentioned that classroom surrounding very affects to student performance. So, this is the teachers’ duties to make the students pay attention to the lesson when the students feel so bored and lost their concentration during the lesson. Based on my observation, there are some ways to make the students pay attention to the lesson, they are:
• The teacher would review the last material, and then she asked the students to memorize the last material about the name of the day and the month.
• She said “please focus”
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According to Lewis (2009) in his book “Understanding Pupil Behaviour: Classroom Management Techniques For Teachers” mentioned that there are some effects if the teachers don’t know about the students’ characteristics such as stress and Post-Guru Syndrom. Stress happens when they feel unable to maintain an classroom in which students can get on with their work and teachers can teach without unnecessary interruption, it is usually part of failure teacher in managing the classroom misbehavior of students and Post-Guru Syndrom happens when the teachers become inconsistent to implement the appropriate technique in teaching for students and finally…show more content…
Managing students who seem not understand the lesson
Based on my observation the teacher that I observed know there are students who seem not understand the lesson, she will asked to them, then she explained the material in Bahasa. According to Lado (1957:2) states clearly in his book Linguistics Across Cultures that individual tend to transfer the forms and meanings, and the distribution of forms and meanings of their native language to the foreign language, it is productively when attempting to speak the language and receptively when attempting to grasp and understand the language as practiced by natives. From the explanation above that the teacher doing to her student to make them more understand to the lesson and Lado’s quote, I can conclude that second language is very important to be used in learning foreign language and part of success in learning foreign language.
2. Teacher’s English Language Use in The Classroom
The teacher has tried to use English as much as possible with her students. She used English when she explained the material and gave an instruction for the students, for example when she asked to the student to ‘listen and repeat after her’, ‘open page 49’, ‘submit your homework’ something like that. In my opinion, it is good enough because indirectly she invites the students to use English. But, sometimes I saw some students who didn’t understand the meaning of the teacher’s instruction, as the result they asked to the other

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