Critical Analysis Of Desirable Daughters By Bharti Muukherjee

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Introduction Since independence, the Indian writing in English has witnessed myriad colours and transitions. Writers in imaginative and fictional literature have emerged in hundreds, and have left deep and inerasable imprints on the literary map of the world. Among these literary artists, the female writers have gained the critical and intellectual acclamation the world over in terms of quality as well as quantity. These mentally fertile and emotionally balanced writers have proved that women are not frail and passive in any way. They are sensitive enough to gauge the reality, and transform the same into the artistic fantasy. They have scarcely left any aspect of life unheeded and uncommented. But what has remained the issue of the paramount significance for them is the ‘individual’-in terms of status, role, identity and equality within home and in socio-cultural setup. The superb achievement about them is the unique and individualistic treatment of facts in a fictional mode. Each author has shown master mindedness in the portrayal of characters and incidents which does not overlap with others in any least possible degree. This ingenuity bestows upon them originality and personal identity. Therefore, the delineation of personages vis-à-vis socio-cultural location provides a full and comprehensive gamut of Indian English literary art. Desirable Daughters Bharti Mukherjee is considered an Indo-American female writer whose basic mission is to plead the cause for women

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