Critical Analysis Of Francis Bacon

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This paper analyzes the breadth of intellect and worldly wisdom of 17th century author Francis Bacon was the founder of the modern scientific method Francis Bacon, the legend of 17th century made his footprint in the field of literature as a scientific and Natural Philosopher. Francis Bacon as a great philosopher who belonged to an Elizabethan age divides his philosophy into three Great branches that include his philosophy works. Bacon is credited with the formulation of modern Scientific thought. His essays is widely admired for its worldly witticisms and has become a classic of the form. Bacon pointed out the need for clear and accurate thinking showing that any mastery of the world in which man lives was dependent upon careful understanding. The understanding is based solely on the fact of this world and not as the ancients held it in ancient philosophy. This new modern scienceProvides the foundation for modern political science.
Key words: Bacon ,Elizabeth, the Renaissance, England, monarchy, scholastic Philosopher, inventor, science, nature, empirical method.
There are certain periods in worlds history which have a special attraction for the intellectuals and moral development of mankind. Such a period is the age of Socrates and Sophists in Greece, an age when the belief in an old mythology was being shattered, and tradition authority and custom were no longer accepted as adequate sanction for moral rules and political institutions. In a word a spirit of
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