Free Will In Macbeth

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In the making of tragedies, it is the duty of the playwright to craft his product in such a way that it conforms to the set standards of the subgenre. On the other hand, the critical reader is expected to delve deeper into the play and ascertain how the required characteristics have been perpetuated. The aim of this essay is to undertake a critical analysis of William Shakespeare’s play titled Macbeth with an intention to highlight the extent to which free will is demonstrated. The study seeks to unearth whether the main character is endowed with freedom to choose the course of life or, on the contrary, he is doomed by fate.
It has been argued that the characters in a tragedy are challenged when it comes to free will. To a large extent, the
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This is further indication that he is subject to fate. After ascending to the throne he invites his lords only for Banquo’s ghost to arrive and take Macbeth’s seat. Since only Macbeth sees the ghost, his fright and anger as he confronts a presumably empty chair raises the eyebrows of his guests. The party ends prematurely as the ghost returns a second time. From the encounter, it is evident that the hero will not get away with the murders and is doomed to fall. Lady Macbeth, too, suffers from guilt and develops the habit of sleepwalking. At some point, she almost confesses to the doctor and a gentleman when she wakes up at night to wash his hands in the belief that they are bloodied. All the time she is lamenting the murders his husband has committed. The couple’s strange acts are an indication that fate has befallen them and they cannot do anything to maintain the status…show more content…
To begin with the character is highlighted as a nobleman to confirm that he fits in the category of a noble character. More so, he rises in power indicating that there is bound to be a point where he descends to the tragic ending. On the other hand, the act of the three witches confronting him with the accounts of his future life reveals that he already has his life cut out and does not have much to do to save it. The prophecy also instills a deadly ambition in him hoping to become king as fast as he became Thane. Lady Macbeth is another factor in highlighting the hero’s course since she pushes him to commit the murders. All in all, they are unable to conceal their deeds and Macbeth’s pride would not deter him from the fight since he believed that he was

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