Critical Analysis Of 'I Watch The Darkness Falling'

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With the use of imagery the poet has successfully managed to appeal to my senses and created pictures in my mind which took me back to the time of colonialism even though I have not lived through that era. The sad feeling and emotion of exploitation of black labourers in colonial times is expressed in each verse of the poem by means of images. The poet describes the end of a work day in the poem to make readers understand the exploitation of black labourers. This routine is the same every day and nothing changes for the labourers. In the first stanza the poet makes use of personification and simile to enhance his images. Feelings of calmness, fear and dreaded monotony are expressed by the poet. Both positive and negative connotations are felt throughout the poem and used in conjunction with each other to create a sense of feeling in the reader and evoke emotions so that the reader can share the poets experience and see things from his perspective. Further analysis of the poem will describe the images used in detail.…show more content…
“I watch the darkness falling”. The attribute of falling is a human quality. However darkness falling creates the image of the sun setting and the skies becoming dark, which allows the reader to get the sense of nightfall. To further substantiate the image of nightfall the poet describes how the mountains withdraws their shadows, meaning that as the sun goes down the shadows of the mountains slowly retreat or disappear. The simile “The sun, like ochre, reddens” shows that the sun is setting. The sun is being compared to ochre which is a red earthly substance. The sun literally becomes red when it sets, it loses it brightness towards the end of the

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