Charles Monroe Sheldon's In His Steps

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In His Steps is a religious fiction novel written by Charles Monroe Sheldon. The story takes place in a town named Raymond. In this town we are introduced to Reverend Henry Maxwell. He proposes to a group of 50 people to live by “what would Jesus do.” The novel follows the path of these 50 people and how this one phrase impacts their lives. Despite its clever use of the setting, characters, and plots. In His Steps is a great read but has it flaws. Although it is a good book, because of the flaws the appeal of the book is decreased. In His Steps takes place in a railroad town in Raymond. The book is able to use this town to its advantage because it is a small town with not so many people. In the town everybody knows everybody which allows the book to show us the impact of the “what would Jesus do.” The one downside of the book is that they change the setting partway through. In chapters 16 - 24, the main focus shifts to Chicago. Although the change is not significant, it was still enough to confuse me while reading. This location shift forced me to take a double take while reading…show more content…
Even though I have not read the book fully since summer, looking through it and reviewing I felt the same way. Because of the changing setting, the characters, and the plot, In his steps was not enjoyable to read. To be fair, when you read a book in a short amount of time details will go over your head. On the other hand, when reviewing over a book I believe that you should not have put a lot of effort in just understanding the order of events or the branching plots. I believe the book can do a lot of good but only towards the right audience. I think that someone who has a better grasp on english and can track the plot would benefit from reading the book. In conclusion In His Steps makes a positive impact on the target audience but as for me, was too convoluted to be able to send a
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