Critical Analysis Of In The End Of The Affair By Graham Greene

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The novel by Graham Greene is one that tells an intriguing love story between four characters. These four characters being Maurice Bendrix, Henry and Sarah Miles, the priest Richard Smythe. When Maurice and Sarah meet they fall in love, but she is married to Henry. However, Maurice will come to find out it is a perpetual promise that will keep him from Sarah’s love. With all the characters in “In The End of the Affair”, by Graham Greene, Sarah negatively affects all of the men she gets personal with, because of her conflict between love and commitment. In the case of Henry, Bentrix, and Mr. Smythe, Sarah emotionally hurts them all in a different way.
The first of three would be Bentrix, who Sarah left in the middle of the night without explanation. After this night, their relationship would end and it would be two years before they formally saw each other again. In the end of their relationship, Bentrix is left feeling empty. For example, when he tries to bring a girl home, it does not work out in any way. This emptiness he is feeling is the love he has for Sarah, but can not see. Bentrix is emotionally hurt by Sarah when he assumes that he is one of her lovers at the moment.
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The reason for this was the ability she would have to be able to break her promise with God if she did not believe in him. Then she would be able to see Bentrix again. However, it turns out a little differently then she expected because the priest Richard Smythe, asked her to marry him. The visit also increases her religious belief. Now she knows better than to marry him. Mainly because Sarah is in love with Bentrix, and she is married to Henry. The reject she gives to Mr. Smythe hurts him, in that he really wanted to marry her. He is clearly in pain of Sarah’s rejection when he says, “ ‘Don’t come back,’ he said, ‘I can’t bear your pity’ (Greene 98).” At this moment he is so hurt by Sarah he wants her
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