Jack London: A Famous American Novelist

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Pratikshya Thapa
Prof. Alex Kurian
English 2328-73001
February 19, 2017
Jack London
Jack London, a famous American Novelist was born in a working class family and got to see the rough part of the life in his early age. He had to go through the struggles and work hard to make a living, thus he knew about the misery and suffering the poor people or the working class faced during those days. According to London, disparity between the working class and the rich people was one of the significant problems in the American Society he grew up in. The upper class people in his perception were privileged with the accessibility to all the resources and success seemed to come easily to them while at the same time working class people were deprived of the
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For instance, the people from high society exploited the working class people and made them work in low wage. Jack London himself became the victim of this problem as he was once made to do the work of two people and was paid almost the half of what the owner paid one worker before. Therefore, upper class people took the advantage of the poverty and decency of the lower class who only wanted to make a living out of their hard work and honesty. Correspondingly, London also discussed about the lack of the result of the input which basically means it was hard to bring changes in the society. He seemed to be unhappy for not being able to see the outcome in terms of existing inequality and the discrepancy. Consequently, the weaker one ended up compromising their morals and principles for they were not able to win the economically strong people. In his point of view, the society had people who only thought about themselves and focused on their own lives without being considerate about others benefit and wellbeing. Likewise, dehumanization of the poor was another problem London concentrated on as the working class were treated inhumanely and were deprived of the resources and opportunities to have a better life. London mentions that the muscles of the working class were used by the high society in order to make money and live a luxurious life while the poor…show more content…
Furthermore, the continuous use of muscles can cause wear and tear of it and as person grows old he is not able to use his muscles as efficiently as he did when he was young. Conversely, the more a person utilizes his brains the more knowledgeable and wiser he becomes while his judgement ability becomes magnified. Someone can continue making use of his skills and intelligence even in his old age and can give valuable advice and enlighten others with his knowledge. Stephen Hawking can be a burning example of how a person can utilize one’s brain even with the extreme physical restrictions. He is one of the most famous personalities the world talks about who, despite his physical illness tried his best to utilize his brains and became successful in doing so. Nevertheless, the intelligent brain requires muscles and physical strength in order to bring the plans to action or do the bodily task. Therefore, the brain and muscles ought to go hand in hand with collaboration in order to bring positive changes in the
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