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The movie L.A. Crash, produced in 2004 by the director Paul Haggis, deals with many important and contemporary topics as for example the multiculturalism in America, collisions between different cultures as well as the racist and discriminating behavior of individuals.
Since the movie features world-wide famous actors as Sandra Bullock - in the role of the wealthy Jean Cabot - and furthermore won awards as the highly regarded Oscar, the expectations towards L.A. Crash are set very highly. You would expect the movie to be touching, grave but also full of tension. However, it seems as if some weaknesses of L.A. Crash do outweigh the strengths, as I will present in the further review.

The plot in the film may be difficult to follow for some people as the scenes do change quite a lot. It even seems like the movie constantly jumps from scene to scene because you get a large amount of different perspectives on what ist going on that they want to cover in a short time frequency of two hours.
First of all, there are Jean
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Crash is that the thought-provoking impulse is not covered as much as it should be, as a result of missing consequences for unmoral or racist behavior. Often, racist or inappropriate actings are justified by biological backgrounds for example tough times the characters are going trough. In the movie you can find many situations of this type. After Jean Cabot and her husband Rick got carjacked, they felt so insecure that they wanted to let their locks get changed. But when Jean realized that the locksmith is a latino who looks like a criminal, she immediately wanted her locks to be changed again - by somebody else. To the audience this behavior is very comprehensible in regard to her traumatizing experience that obviously makes her emotionally unstable. But the fact that she still discriminates an innocent guy because of his origin or outer appearance is absolutely overlooked and disregarded on

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