Tragic Hero In Little Miss Sunshine

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“Little Miss Sunshine” was a story that a girl aim to win a beauty contest. The heroine, Olive was make an effort various way, such as practicing dance, and trying to restrict her diet. However, was it worth making such effort for being a star? Whether she can be a star or not, she might regret spending a lot of time on that. First of all, children like Olive should play with their friends. Childhood is the only age when people living in a society can play freely. In addition, they can learn how to communicate with others through playing in their childhood. If a child cannot play well, he or she will be an adult who cannot understand what he or she should do in the society and he or she can commit suicide. In “Little Miss Sunshine”, Olive’s uncle, Frank was one of the main characters. He was a gay and he had loved a man. However, he had a broken heart. He seemed to lose a purpose of living and he tried to kill himself. Like him, a man can commit suicide when he or she loses a meaning for life. Therefore, the adult who do not know how to act in the society is suffered from his or her committing suicide. That is why, children should play well with their friends and should…show more content…
If you want to be a star, you have to have various elements that you cannot get even if you try to get, such as graceful figure and shape. Although if you want to be a singer or actor, your effort can be effective, still whether your figure is beautiful or not should greatly affect whether your dream comes true or not. Your effort to realize your dream that you become a star might be vain. Moreover, maybe, your parents have invested a lot of money in your lesson, dresses, participation in contests, and so on. After all, it is risky to aim to be a star. It is safer to study hard and aim to enter a leading university, and work in a famous company. If you fail to be a star, it is difficult to improve your state. To aim to be a star is a kind of
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