Critical Analysis Of Madhavi Kutty's 'Sedation'

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My paper is based on feminism which speaks about a female writer in the story Sedation, who is caught in the web of marriage and familial responsibilities. It also depicts the narrator’s experience of the eraser of her true self. It focuses on Marriage and family which play a key role in controlling the mindset of the woman and her actions in the story. My focal point is on monitoring of woman’s interests, especially writing, by the men within the family as well as outside the family. I would stress upon the struggles the narrator undergoes to overcome the problem. My emphasis is on the writing which reflects the narrator’s life. It also speaks of an instinct of writing which is killed and how it later springs up due to the unconscious drive which is the result of the storage of all the thoughts, memories and feelings that seem disturbing in the mind. Application of the techniques of Gynocriticism : Psychodynamic approach and the construction of a female frame work of the analysis of women’s literature. It is an attempt to prove that the narrator’s writing is a way to express unconscious wishes in a publicly accepted manner and that it is a gynotext.
Key words: Feminism, writing, marriage, family, society, self-identity, gynocriticism.

Madhavi Kutty is a renowned Indian poet, novelist, short-story writer, essayist and memoirist. She is famously known to the world of writing as Kamala Das. She is a prolific writer and has written several taboo-breaking
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