Masculinity And Gender Roles Essay

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To begin, this article delved into the idea of masculinity and the ways in which men either fit the role or are stereotyped if they are unable to. Even though most men believe they marry due to being love or in order to avoid being domestically incompetent, there is a high likelihood that this is the case due to society’s views and functional roles for men. The breadwinner role is described as being a challenging enterprise, but nonetheless the normal role, which men must live up to in order to be respected in society. Men who decide not to or are unable to assume the provider role are deemed to be socially immature or afraid of assuming responsibilities involved. Marriage is a step-stone into maturity, consisting of emotional maturity and social maturity, attained by working at a paid profession.…show more content…
None of the prior stated characteristics are positive defining factors, and thus men may strive to superficially assume the responsibilities of marriage in order to escape these negative portrayals. Also, men who commit any adaptive failure, consisting of either sexual, vocational, or social failures in nature are characterized as failing in the masculine role. Next, the author is primarily arguing that men who are unable to marry and fulfill their duties as a breadwinner for their families are seen to be incompetent in many different regards. In order to achieve adult status and be approved by socially mature in society’s eyes, a man must complete the eight developmental tasks of early adulthood. Of these, most of them are focused on marriage and providing for one’s
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