Critical Analysis Of Mice And Men

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Does everyone do things for a reason? One simple reason is that everyone does anything. People do things they may or may not regret after doing the work. It is the same as ‘Is there a reason of everything there is?’ Nowadays, a mantra often repeated ‘when life goes south is that everything happens for a reason’. Such a phrase has become a rite of passage when life hands us different opportunities and difficulties. As humans, we are always looking for reasons to assure ourselves. If there is a reason for all that transpires in people’s lives, what sense can we make of the universe that we people, live in? Does we relieve ourselves gaining something that was not ours to begin with? The novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck characterizes its characters with the act of doing things without a valid reason but was establish to further understand the connection between the characters in the story. Along with an interesting plot and setting, as well as themes that tackles critical belief about life that the author trying to convey, the novel is truly worthy of the recognition and praise it has retained throughout the decades. In the novel, we see that the characters had different strength and…show more content…
Published in 1937, Of Mice and Men is remembered as one of Steinbeck 's most important and influential novels. With an interesting story, plot, brilliant characters, and relevant themes, Of Mice and Men is absolutely one of the best novels I’ve ever red and take an interest on. It is truly deserving of the recognition and praises it retained after those years. This novel made us realize that we will always be slaves to our desires. Moreover, the characters in Of Mice and Men show a difficult truth about loneliness and an unreachable dream--something that most people, no matter their nationality or social station, can identify with. May this remind us that everything has a reason. Anything that happens - including your own thoughts and actions -
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