Much Ado About Nothing Critical Analysis Essay

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Final Analysis of Much Ado About Nothing

In the film Much Ado About Nothing, which is one of Shakespeare’s comical plays, it talks about the complications within the lives of the characters and their road to achieving happiness. These complications arise within the relationships of Hero and Claudio, who fell in love at first sight and Beatrice and Benedick, the lovers that despise each other but fall in love in the last act. The fact that Claudio’s and Hero’s relationship is based on each other’s appearance is proven when Claudio said to Don Pedro “O, my lord, When you went onward on this ended action, I looked upon her with a soldier’s eye, That liked but had a rougher task in hand, than to drive liking to the name of love”. Considering this, Claudio and Hero relationship ends happily in the play, but I think later on there will be complications because they only like each other based on looks and nothing else. That is not how love works because you need to interact with each other more instead of just staring at one another; you need to talk about your ambitions for the future, goals in the relationship and what you want to accomplish together. All of these are essential topics to be discussed before being married the next day. On the other hand, Beatrice and Benedick’s relationship is interesting as they both have strong personalities which
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Born April 23, 1564, Shakespeare lived at a time of conquering and discovery. People lived in a social pyramid where the rich and the poor where divided, but there was no despair between the people as they lived peacefully day by day as shown in Much Ado About Nothing. The noblemen where respected and given the choice to pick any lower-class women they wanted, and the father would gladly approve as it is an honor to have a woman picked from your family. This is also shown in the play when Don Pedro woos Hero the daughter of Leonato (a wealthy governor of Messina) for
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