Critical Analysis Of Naomi Klein's Article 'No Logo'

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In article ‘No Logo’ Naomi Klein talks about closing down manufacture plants and the techniques that big companies use to maximise their profit. She makes several important points, which show us the reason why this is happening and what effects it has on people. The article shares her arguments and analysis of the situation, and this review will look at and evaluate them. The article was written in 2002 in New York, and the location is not accidental because in North America alone, Levi Strauss closed twenty-two plants leaving 13,000 people unemployed. “shut down twenty-two plants and lay off 13,000 North American workers between November 1997 and February 1999” Klein, N., (2002) No Logo. The main purpose of this article is to raise awareness and inform about exploitation of people as cheap workforce in factories by big companies, who found a way of doing it without the risk of being sued and closed down. This allows them to spend minimal amount of money on product manufacture, resulting in maximum profit, therefore more money can be spent on advertising to build stronger brand image. Manufacture cost and process is not as important as brand image, because “product is something that is made in factory; a brand is something that is bought by a customer” Klein, N., (2002) No Logo. What is worse is the fact that big corporations look at people working in factories as if they were machines- manmade objects without feelings or passion made just to do one specific job.

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