Critical Analysis Of O Henry

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Stories play a significant role in our lives, they inspire us to reason, recognize and to discover where we can relate it with us, in our lives. Among many legendary story writers, who are recognized worldwide through their strong hand on writing, this article is raising on a very famous and appreciated prize treasuring author of his times ‘William Sydney Porter’ who is lionized as “O. Henry” by his passionate lovers. The writing of O. Henry depicts a great blend of S³, where sobs, sniffles, and smilestell us, a deep connectionism of life. All his short stories have great integration of characters, jocularity, shades of life and a surprise ending. In the words of ‘Stephen Leacock’ O. Henry is deserved to be called “one of the greatest masters of modern literature"

Struggle, rejections and miseries shaded Henry’s life throughout, but his determination and hard work swayed William O. Henry to those pinnacles where, he has a standing of his own, in the world of literary legends of his time.

O. Henry’s master piece story ‘The Last Leaf’ depicts the deep association of emotions and sob of human mind, where joy and sorry are amalgamated in such a fabulous way that forces us to relook into the Work of Outstanding Artistry by the author. The colours blended with emotions spread a unique harmonization and the game of hope and despair with the surprise ending has a great message to the generation to relook life with great zeal and enthusiasm and to have never given attitude.
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