Critical Analysis Of Peer And Friends And Career Decision Making

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The development of a child is initially the outcome of the environment of the family, however, peer overtakes the socialization process with the selection and adoption of lifestyle, appearance, socialization activities and academics etc. Naz et al. (2014). To their journal entitled Peer and Friends and Career Decision Making: A Critical Analysis Arab Naz stated that peer and friends are pivotal and dramatic in shaping individual’s perceptions, attitude and ideas to understand the outside world, as well as the decisions in future lives and additionally, friends and peers, are helpful in examining and scrutinizing feelings, beliefs, and ideas in an acceptable manner. And at this level of decision making among youth, studies report that most of the decisions are dependent on ability, education, teacher’s advice, and also the level of counseling with peers and even cultural and familial background of friends. Though Thomas and Webber argued that the influences are dependent on male and female, their dwellings, livelihood, classes, subjects and their duration spend. Summarizing the contents, peer and friends play a significant role in changing the behavior of individuals, personality development and decision making regarding career, adaptation as well as positive and negative behavior in future life. The findings of this information indicate friends and peer group are influential in promoting academic choices. Through Arab Naz research we can understand that peer groups can

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