Critical Response To Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis

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Critical Response A reader’s background has tremendous influence on how a work is understood, as information such as the main message and especially details are taken differently. Marjane Satrapi created the piece Persepolis showing her life during the Iranian Revolution from her own first hand approach. Hence, lots of personal perspectives can be found in the characters’ positions towards events. These can be read and interpreted significantly different from an outsider and a leader of the Iranian revolution. The differences in reading occur due to varying background knowledge and personal involvement. Additionally, lifestyle choices, intentions and ideas of freedom and the future lead to different interpretations.
Persepolis’ parts of
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Contrary, the leaders of the revolution may argue that the Westernisation goes against the Islamic traditions, which they and especially Khomeini are currently working on re-implementing, as they oppose Shah’s numerous interactions with westernized parties. Marjane aims to show her opposition to the current situation. Outsiders of the revolution may favour this point, while the leaders will try everything in their control to penalize her.

More revolts than Marjane’s violation of clothing take place within the work. As seen on page 18, her parents are also involved in the revolts on the streets, “My parents demonstrated every day” (p. 18). An outsider may see this resistance as good, as they people stand up for themselves and their beliefs. Instead of being silenced these strong citizens aim to go against the new governing system. Nevertheless, one cannot forget nor diminish the risk these people take: “My father had gone to take some photos of the demonstration (…). It was strictly forbidden. He had even been arrested once but escaped at last minute.” (p.29). The danger is further emphasized when Marjane’s mother is frightened because a picture of her protesting appears in the news (p.??). On the contrary, a leader of the Islamic revolution may not comprehend why citizens intensively work against the order they are trying to create. They will further fight against all revolts using severe
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