Critical Analysis Of Pike, By Ted Hughes

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Pike by Ted Hughes is a beautifully penned descriptive which in itself is a combination of terror and darkness. Yet it permeates positivity through a series of good and bad moods. The poet has described pike as a supernatural fish occupying eternally magnificent status in sea life. However, it is best known for its arrogance which is admired by the poet at all levels. In its nature, Pike turns out to be malignant for other sea creatures.
Furthermore, the poet has praised its strong sense of smelling that enables this particular fish to easily catch its prey. Pikes usually belong to the species of carnivorous fish that specifically feed themselves on smaller fishes. As the poem has progressed the poet deliberately depicted the insatiable and coldblooded nature as well as its beauty which enables it to establish its green water world. Ted Hughes deliberately gives us an insight into the natural world by defining the beauty of underwater creatures. Pikes are determined to be ruling over other small fishes. Hence, the poet has significantly used the natural world as habitation where sea life and its species are miraculously in many ways more powerful than human species. Hughes has therefore attempted to draw the attention towards the innate violence of the natural world and on natural voracious behaviors. Pikes have significant intrusive qualities of merging their colors with water along with weeds along with other plants and the lie on the base of a sea or pond. Hughes clearly

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