Critical Analysis Of Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall'

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Pink Floyd’s 1979 “Another Brick in the Wall” voices the lacks of freedom, creativity, and individuality in students within the school system. Along with the absence of students’ individuality, Roger Waters, the writer of this infamous song, argues not only are education systems poor, they display an overbearing authoritarian role in addition. During the music video, various imagery, sounds, and metaphors are shown to express the argument of Roger Waters, education is worthless. Displaying the lack of uniqueness and independence within students as well as the poor school system, involving a dictatorial role, are the main focuses on Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall”. The most compelling evidence involves the scene where the leading teacher humiliates the boy for his creative poem, crushing his individuality. Important to…show more content…
The teacher received his comeuppance through his abusive wife at home. The wife kills his individuality, which leads him to bring the abuse to the classroom. Drawing near to the end of the song, a scene of students falling into a pit as well as a substance secreting out of a meat grinder. The meat grinder metaphorizes how the students mentally and physically become beaten down into small pieces, leaving them with no distinctiveness of themselves. Given these points, Pink Floyd truly believes education is just another brick in the wall. Roger Waters represents the lyrics “all in all you’re just another brick in the wall” as education being a pain, and a worthless amount of time. Personally, the wall is as a self-isolating barrier we build through our lives. The bricks are people, or events, which turns us inward, away from others and reality (Marcelo). Pink Floyd describes education as adding another brink to the wall. As can be seen, the individuality within the students are taken away from the teachers and the school system as told through Pink

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