Critical Analysis Of Political Science

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Political science is above all the study of power, how it is created, exercised, justified, and challenged. It also focuses on governance and in particular on political institutions, both formal and informal. It leads us to consider the ethics of power, which in turn involves conceptions of community, identity, justice and citizenship. We study democracy, war, law, rights, wealth, authority and institute that shape and secure them under political science.

Voting in India depicts power vested in the people to choose the government that will govern the country. There are different factors on the basis of which people vote and this behaviour of people keeps changing according to the factors. Broadly speaking, all the factors affecting the decision making process of the voters can be categorized under the orientations on specific issues of public policy, general evaluation of the government performance, evaluation of the personal characteristics of the candidates. Factors like race, religion, caste-ism regionalism, language, charismatic leader, ideology, development, incidences, cadre and individual opinion affects the voting pattern and behaviour of the citizens.

As a social science, political science is very subjective and it focuses on group power, the ‘method’ and ‘reason’ of collective decision making. In voting pattern we study the behaviour of people and the ‘reason’ and ‘method’ of voting. Voting is not
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