Critical Analysis Of Psycho And The Orchestration Of Anxiety By Stephen Deutsch

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Psycho and the orchestration of anxiety written by Stephen Deutsch was the scholarly article I chose to analyze. Not only does Deutsch express critical and theoretical views of the movie Psycho, he brings a new angle on the film all together. A majority of critical essays will likely talk about the issues of the Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho. Things like characters, edits, psychology and genre. However, Deutsche’s article goes a step deeper. He focuses on Bernard Herrmann 's music and the emotional responses of the viewer. Deutsche also focuses on the literal meaning of music and sound in the film and how the audience begins to understand different scenes playing out. Very few books and articles discuss the element of sound in the film. This is what makes this article so unique. As I read through the article to understand its significance, I learned that Hitchcock’s music and sound production in the film was a structural tool.…show more content…
Deutsch begins with a brief background on Hitchcock. In the 50’s American television drama world. A place where Hitchcock would regularly appear. He even hosted his own show on television called Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Most of the sounds from the television show mirrored the sounds in real life. Music and special sound on television did not receive enough credit from the viewers. An example of discredited work provided in the article is about the episode ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ which seems to have resembled the movie he later made called Psycho. Creating the movie Psycho, including elements of sound and music that appealed to the audience was a challenge for Hitchcock. He struggled to make a movie based on the same conditions as show on television. For it had never been done until

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