Critical Analysis Of Psycho

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Psycho a film that is world renowned, the original film was released on September 8th, 1960 in the DeMille Theatre. Alfred Hitchcock was the director and producer. The total running time of the film was 109minuets, the film was predominantly aimed at Americans, the release language was English. The budget which Alfred Hitchcock had to manage was $806,947 which was a lot of money in the 1960s. At Box office, it made over $50million but in 2018 this would be the equivalent to $592.6 Million due to inflation. The movie is based on an American psychological horror film.

There is a reoccurring theme that is evident throughout the film which has been identified as good vs evil. We see this through the actions of the character Marion as she has stolen $40,000 from her boss. This makes the audience think morally less of Marion and causes them to think that Marion is mysterious.

The first scene of Marion we see her making love with Sam her boyfriend who is played by John Gavin. The image of this is shown in figure 1.1. The lighting in this scene has been placed so that the two characters are in the centre of the shot and very evident. So far the audience is led to believe this is just a normal relationship and that everything is fine. This is where the audience starts to develop that good mentality and aspect. Through this scene, the audience becomes more in-touch with the relationship of Marion and Sam and we start to see what Marion wants and needs, she is
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