Critical Analysis Of Ronald Schechner's Rite Out Of Place

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Ronald Grimes, the American ritual theorist, who founded the interdisciplinary field of ritual studies, is another very important figure for this research work. In this part of first chapter we will elaborate only on the part of his theory, which is presented in Rite out of Place, on shooting rites. Moreover, we want to take this part of theory in order to apply it in the theatrical material to understand what can happen with the performance and the process of performing while recording. Schechner’s presupposition that theatre and ritual are both performances having common structure validates out attempt to analyze theatre movie production by scheme that is offered by Grimes. Grimes, analyzing how camera changes the ritual process, distinguishes nine interesting points how shooting can change reality. Before that, I would like to draw attention on the double meaning of the word shooting. In the one hand, it means shooting on the camera for making a movie track, on the other hand, it means to kill by shot. In this case, these meanings are very speaking; because one of our hypothesis is that camera can destroy magic of the theatre. Grimes claims that today culture is a visual one, that is why camera has become our memory in order to absorb and research as much information as we need/can. Firstly, Grimes states that shooting documents. It means that shooting makes rite an object of studying, or just observing. In this case, camera record everything and produces visual

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