Summary Of Langston Hughes's 'Salvation'

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In the article entitled “Salvation,” by: Langston Hughes recounts an experience at the age of twelve in which he was pressured to into believing in something is was unsure of. Hughes starts by giving background information to the readers about his memory in which he was at his Auntie Reed’s church and for weeks there had been a big revival; thus, one of the take ways from this was sinners being brought to Christ. He adds that before the end of the revival there was a special meeting for the children and that his Aunt escorted him to the front row to sit with the other children on the mourner’s bench until they were saved. His Aunt starts to describe that “you could see and hear and feel Jesus in your soul” and with no doubt, Hughes believes…show more content…
This advice has been very helpful in social interactions; for example, I had worked in the fast food industry and I was treated not great by customers, but what can I do? I always tried to be the best cashier that I could be, but a small number of customers would get mad at me because of the speed of the meal. It felt dehumanizing to just get angry customer mad at you. I would try to treat them how I wanted to treated in hopes to calm them down. It felt better to treat them like a human. From that experience, I learn not fall into the rage if confronted with a person already angry and that fast food industry is not my thing. Now, I moving into janitorial work on OSU Campus and I tried to treat both the students and co-worker great. If someone ask question base on where something is I will explain where it is and I gotten good at it. On the other hand, co-workers and I are great together and no one from either me or them seems to have problems. my co-workers and I have common respect for each other’s career path they truly want go down. Through my experience on this earth treat people like equal to yourself is tone of the best advice that my mother
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