Critical Analysis Of Self-Esteem In Women

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Critical Analysis of Self-esteem in Women
There has been a mischaracterization of the female identity as a weak gender. Research shows that the belief has a negative impact on the self-esteem of girls growing from childhood to adulthood. The widespread claims that women have low self-esteem, as well as flawed self-concepts, can affect their confidence by becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy (Fischer and Holz, 2007). When problems arise, and their relationship with other people become sour, they think it is related to their weak concept as well as personality. They do not associate what happens around their lives with the environment they are in. The same belief that women are weak makes the society feel that the female gender cannot hold leadership positions. Therefore, they are denied the opportunities of proving their capabilities.
Factors Affecting Women’ Self-esteem Numerous factors influence women self-esteem as they interact with other people in their daily operations. One of the major factors is childhood. At this stage, children are subjected to many characters and scenarios that affect their self-esteem in future. The act of generating a negative attitude to towards self is commonly observed in women (McMullin and Cairney, 2004). For instance, girls who are brought up in chaotic environments develop fear which reflects in the adulthood. That is contrary to men who become stronger when subjected to chaotic situations. Another example is when girls are

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