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Astha spends more and more time with Pipee. She shares her feelings with her. She feels that her place in home is just of a housewife:
She was a wife too, but not much of her was required there. A willing body at night, a willing pair of hands and feet in the day and an obedient mouth were the necessary prerequisites of Hemant’s wife. (Kapur 231) Because of Hemant’s indifferent attitude and treatment, Astha feels satisfied in the company of Pipleeka. She finds herself stronger and more confident with Pipee finds her own room in the form of Pipee. She gets what she has expected from her husband in the company of Pipee. Here Manju Kapur has described the changing mentality of the woman who seeks her own room in any form and at any cost. It seems
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However, she gets only disillusionment and despair whenever she has taken a drastic step in search of her room. Her dreams become shattered and she suffers in the male dominated society. As a teenager, she dreams of true love with first Bunty and then Rohan but both of them have ditched her for their career advancements and left her alone. Even her own husband left her alone for his settlement in business. Her lesbian relationship with Peeplika does not bring happy output for her. Her lover too left her for her own settlement and went abroad by leaving her alone. She becomes distressed due to emotional sufferings and her struggle for own space in the male dominated society. It seems that duties and responsibilities of a housewife are too heavy to bear in the traditional set up of the Indian family. Manju Kapur portrays struggle of the women for self-identity and space in male dominated society that results in suffering and…show more content…
Hemant also expects the same from his wife but he forgets about his own duties towards the wife and children. The man thinks that he only contributes for the development of family. When he expects something from his wife, he expects the same from her. However, the fact is that she bears the yoke of the family mutely and silently. Her work for the family is a kind of boosting energy and support for the family members. Hence, one sided thinking and expectation from her seems unfair. Her overall contribution for the family and its member should consider and respect along with her feelings and needs also have to consider maintaining healthy relationships in the
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