Critical Analysis Of Stylistics

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Stylistics normally refers to “the practice of using linguistics for the study of literature” (Simpson, 1993:3). Similarly according to Short (1996), stylistics is an approach to the analysis of (literary) texts using linguistic description. It relates the linguistic features of a literary piece with its interpretation and synthesizes literary critics’ observation with the linguists’ literary intuition. Widdowson (1975) has also described stylistics as a mediating discipline between linguistics and literary criticism. In stylistics the relation of the linguistic devices in a text with the generated meanings is explored. the words and sentences of the text are examined critically and are studied in relation to its literary criticisms. Stylistic analysis helps “to foster interpretive skills and to encourage reading between the lines of what is said” (Carter, 1996:5). Stylistics, according to Lazar (1993) has two main objectives. firstly it enables students to make meaningful interpretations of the text. Secondly, it expands students’ knowledge and awareness of the language in general.
Stylistics is concerned with “the study of style in language” (Verdonk,2002: 3). Verdonk Points out that “style” in language is the distinctive linguistic expression. Style arises from the unique and individualistic use of words and expressions of the author that are later to be decoded by the readers. A text attains its meaning through the interplay of form and function of language. Therefore,

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