Analysis Of The Manifesto 'First Thing First'

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The manifesto “ First thing first “ by Ken Garland in 1964 and published in (2000) into a document that was signed by thirty-three visual communicator. Calling for graphic designers to make a change of priorities, proposing for more useful, lasting, democratic form of communication. A mind- shift from product marketing toward the exploration and production of new kind of meaning. The “Ten footnotes to a manifesto” by Micheal Bierut (2007) is a critical analysis by a British graphic designer. As a visual communicator I have read both trying to find my opinion and I agreed with the first thing first manifesto 2000 call for change because, if Saudis didn't be aware of the value of design it will become a job for getting paid only.

Manifesto is
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Critiquing this phrase, I agree with footnote 9 and 10. Bierut (2007) “ as any working designer can tell you, commercial work is a bitch. If you do it for the awards, it is hard way to get them. If you do it fir the money, you have got every penny twice over”. If advertising a dog biscuit throw commercial was spotted to be for society or other cultural purpose then what made the dog biscuit have the consumer attention. if design was only for books, magazine, museum catalogs and social, cultural projects don't the dog biscuits deserve the same beauty everything need the beauty of design to grab attention. on the other hand focusing on advertising and except commercial project for the sake of getting money with out considering the society that will be effected by this Ad if it was promoting bad habits or products. Designers should be critical and take a stand in their own choice of work. For example; not promoting ads for harmful unacceptable designs just like cigaret…show more content…
So that dose not mean we should stop doing advertising. For example, in the saudi culture the manifesto 2000 is needed, because we are facing a lack of cultural, social, educational designs. Western advertising has influenced the saudi market that we reach a time were we don't have our own identity of designs any more. Looking at other countries any how they are attached to their own style made me aware of the problem we are facing in Saudi Arabia, for example; Egyptian style of designs, Persians and Lebanese style. This is an image of the Egyptian movie posters, look how consist they are up till now. Even though western has influenced them but they kept their design identity in a modern way. The second picture is a saudi company ad in Jeddah inspired by the western design even the concept was taken from a Western ad. Losing the identity of our culture in our designs, advertising cause a threat to our culture and lifestyle. Most of the saudi citizens believe that a graphic designer is a person who do commercial designs only. That is why they think it's a waste of time and not important. But in other societies were they have commercial and cultural, political, social design all we need is a
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