Critical Analysis Of 'Texting While Walking Isn' T Funny?

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What is FOMO? It is the “fear of missing out,” which in the article, “Texting While Walking Isn’t Funny,” is common among mobile users. Geoffrey Fowler explains how people have put themselves in increasingly more danger from 2006 to 2014 by staring at their phones. In the end, Fowler suggests that a 40 dollar wireless device can reduce the ‘fear of missing out’ or FOMO for short. To demonstrate his point, Fowler and a colleague experiments being outrageous and to see if anyone notices. During the investigation, called a “Chewbacca Experiment,” he identified that most people did not look up from their phones. Although cell phones have made our lives easier and faster, it is safe to say that they take away how we communicate to each other. They take away how people indulge in event. Everyone does not live in the moment because post and “snap” everything they do. Take the “Chewbacca Experiment,” which is wear one dresses up as something outrageous to see if people will notice. The individuals who noticed probably took photos while others walked mindlessly by phone gazing. This points out how the ones who took pictures were more aware of their surroundings to recognize the “famous and legendary Wookie from Star Wars” in the first place, whereas the majority who stared down at their phones didn’t see it at all. During parades and social events everyone pulls out a phone and begin to do what they do best. Instead of enjoying the air and the visual scenery, people are blinded by a
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