The Crucible Play Analysis

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In the theatrical performance The Crucible directed by Omar Sangare based on Arthur Miller 's drama, the viewer is given a chance to observe a kind of political persecution of the 1950s. The complete story is an allegorical depiction of the problematic aspects of social life, including the employment of sanctimony as a means of intolerance and oppression. The theatrical piece raises issues of religion and family, of sin, jealousy and adultery, of human cruelty and manipulations, of the ill society and dishonesty. With such an impressive strength of the content and main idea, this play is worth watching, and it does not leave its viewers indifferent. However, the performance is not only about the ideas that are highlighted in the play but also…show more content…
The beginning of the performance, where the scene is completely darkened with a bit of light behind the curtain and several girls dancing at the background where loud laughing is heard intrigued the audience. It is impossible to understand what is happening on the stage, and the observers are waiting to see the rest of the performance in order to find out what is actually going on. The beginning of the theater play was both intense and exciting. The use of light has strongly contributed to this, as far as the total darkness could be considered to have symbolic meaning besides being used to direct audience 's attention. The spotlight is often directed at the central point of the play, the most important actor speaking or acting on the scene. Besides, the darkened back part of the stage allowed to make the appearance of actors even more dramatic since they first emerge as dim shadows and later gain form in the front of the stage. As was mentioned in World Theater a stage design should also…show more content…
This performance is a great example of how different techniques and means are employed to create the necessary atmosphere. The stage set, the lighting, the play of the actors are the factors that contribute to the success of the performance. The performance showed how important is keeping the constant interest of the audience and intrigue, and provided an example of several means how this could be performed. Besides, with the strong emotional appeal and theme, the play allowed to learn about the problems of the society and showed how far an individual can go to hide one 's dark past. With regard to my specialty, the performance showed how creative decisions can make a change, for example with the actors emerging from the total darkness. This encourages one to seek for new solutions and creation of new mechanisms, which is essential for my

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