Critical Analysis Of The Damned Human Race By Mark Twain

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The Damned Human Race by Mark Twain Critical analysis essay Mark Twain uses a very aggressive approach to prove “The Descent of Man from the Higher Animals” (Twain) which is more probable than Darwin’s theory calming man has come from a lower animal, calming that humans are far more advanced. Twain 's use of sarcasm and scientific reasoning by use of extensive field testing proves his opinion to be correct that humans are the lower species. Twain truly attacks humans proclaiming “Indecency, vulgarity, obscenity (these are strictly confined to man)” (Twain) and providing feedback that there is not a trace of these traced to higher animals. He also proves the point that man is the only animal that is a slave, patriot, religious and reasoning animal. He truly makes valid points which make the reader want to evaluate the morals that they have. Twain begins by providing the distinction of species stating that humans are the lower animals before starting his scientific research. His hidden sarcasm starts to show while he is trying to prove that he is a great scientist performing all his experiments in the London Zoological Gardens. As he continues to draw the reader in more, the reader starts to question and see why humans are a damned race. This first starts with Twain 's reading about an English earl that was entertained with a hunt killing seventy-two buffalo and leaving seventy-one and a half rotting. Twain conducted an experiment with an anaconda. He gave the anaconda

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