Critical Analysis Of The Daring One, By Edwin Markham

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“The Daring One” : Fly Above Failure Edwin Markham spent the earlier years of his life as a teacher wanting a better reputation, especially in literacy(“Academy of American Poets”). He then wrote the poem “The Daring One” as a symbol of hope and freedom to reach one’s goals. Throughout the poem, the speaker whether it is the author or another struggling, describes their actions to be free and bold. However, a regular teacher striving to become a well-known poet is difficult, leading Markham to compose a poem that would show his journey of achieving goals by being uplifting and positive. Also, by emphasizing challenges that are more than likely to happen, and being able to overcome them. By utilizing tone, simile, and imagery Markham creates the hopeful theme that being brave and courageous will lead to further success. One method Markham uses to establish a sense of optimism throughout the poem is tone. The encouraging tone within the poem allows it to make the audience persevere and continue through struggles, which was Markham’s main resolution for his own conflicts. Markham uses a birds achievement as a positive example: “Know if the bough breaks, still his wings/Will bear him upward while he sings”(11-12). This creates a hopeful perspective since a bird fulfilled his goal as should a person. Another way he generates an encouraging tone is using positive phrases along with word choice such as, “He tosses gladly on the gale,/ For well he knows he can not fail”(9-10). The
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