Critical Analysis Of The Franklin Series By Paulette Bourgeois

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Critical analysis of the Franklin series by Paulette Bourgeois A children’s story is the first step a child is introduced to in terms of reading and literature. These books give children enjoyment, develop their feelings and imagination. It might also help children resolve problems by creatively portraying the issue in the book and also by teaching how to deal with it in an entertaining way. For example in Franklin Fibs, Paulette Bourgeois innovatively explains how lying can be bad and how it can impact a child. This probably teaches the childmoral values and also entertains them .
Getting a child to sit through an entire book is a hard task. Since children are known to be fidgety and playful. To get the child’s attention Paulette Bourgeois uses rhyme scheme and words which are simple. For example,in Finders keepers for Franklin “Franklin can count by twos and tie his shoes”. Such a rhyme scheme makes children like and enjoy reading the books. Brenda Clark, the illustrator of the Franklin series, uses colors which “pop” and are vivid to obt ains a child’s attention. The colors which are used in the Franklin series are bright red, green, and yellow and so on. From this, one can conclude that Clark uses colors which are bright and signify happiness avoiding colors like black which are gloomy. Bourgeois’ writing style is simple yet catchy and interesting. She often works on stories which are primarily focused on the main character’s family or
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